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No Such Person

How far will a younger sister go to save her family?
Slowly and methodically, the tale unfolds of how two sisters spending the summer at their family cottage on the shore of the Connecticut River find themselves at the center of a murder investigation. Fifteen-year-old Miranda has always walked in the shadow of her older sister, rising med student Lander, yet it is Miranda who shines here, as she alone musters the courage and determination to do what it takes to save her family. read more and listen to audio clip

Janie Face to Face At last we learn the answers about Janie!
In this riveting and emotional conclusion to the thriller-romance Janie series that started with The Face on the Milk Carton, all will be revealed as readers find out if Janie and Reeve's love has endured, and whether or not the person who brought Janie and her family so much emotional pain and suffering is brought to justice.  read more
If the Witness Lied Who would believe this?
Jack Fountain knows that what’s happened to his family sounds like the most horrible soap opera anyone could ever write. But it happened—to Jack; his parents; his sisters, Smithy and Madison. And to his baby brother, Tris. What made it worse was that the media wanted to know every detail. read more
Code Orange Flight #116 is Down!
The Face on the Milk Carton The Lost Songs
They Never Came Back Three Black Swans
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Janie Face to Face If the Witness Lied Code Orange Flight 116 Is Down! Face on the Milk Carton Lost Songs They Never Came Back Three Black Swans No Such Person