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Driver's Ed
Random House, 1994
You'll enjoy reading:
Driver's Ed

Mr. Fielding's Driver's Ed class means impending freedom for Remy and Morgan, but it also means responsibility, as they learn after their innocent prank, stealing a stop sign, has deadly consequences.

Driver’s Ed was like so many things in school. If the parents only knew . . .

Teaching Guide available

Awards and Recognition

ALA Best Books for Young Adults 1995
ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 2003
Junior Library Guild selection
Nebraska Golden Sower Honor 1997
New Jersey Garden State Teen Book Award Winner 1997
New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age
Pacific States Winner
South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominee
South Dakota Young Adult Reading List 1996-1997 Booklist Editor's Choice
Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award Winner 1997-1998 Iowa Teen Award Nominee
Texas Lone Star 1996-1997
Washington State Evergreen Teen Book Award Winner 1997

“evocative, vigorous prose ... as convincing as it is believable”
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