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The Wrong Good Deed I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug!   Code Orange   The Face on the Milk Carton
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  Enter Three Witches   They Never Came Back   Lost Songs   Stranger   Nancy & Nick
  historical     Christian   mystery   romance
books with continuing stories and characters
  The Face on the Milk Carton   Last Dance Both Sides of Time Fire Deadly Offer
  the Janie books   nights to remember   time travel   fog, snow, and fire   vampire's promise
        Trying Out The Bad and the Beautiful Stage Set for Love
          cheerleaders   Chrystal Falls   Follow Your Heart
book titles listed below without links are out of print
All the Way
Among Friends
April Love Story
Bad and the Beautiful
Before She Was Helen
Both Sides of Time
Burning Up
Camp Girl-Meets-Boy
Camp Reunion
Cheerleader (now Deadly Offer)
Code Orange
Deadly Offer (orig The Cheerleader)
Diamonds in the Shadow
Don't Blame the Music
Driver's Ed
Emergency Room
Enter Three Witches
Evil Returns (orig The Return of the Vampire)
Face on the Milk Carton
Family Reunion
Fatal Bargain (orig The Vampire's Promise)
Flash Fire
Flight 116 is Down
For All Time
Freeze Tag
Friend at Midnight
Girl Who Invented Romance
Goddess of Yesterday
Grandmother Plot
He Loves Me Not
Hit the Road
Holly in Love
Hush Little Baby
I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug!
I'm Going to Give You a Polar Bear Hug!
I'm Not Your Other Half
If the Witness Lied
Janie Face to Face
Last Dance
Lost Songs
Morning After
Nancy and Nick
New Year's Eve
Nice Girls Don't
Night School
No Such Person
Operation Homefront
Out of Time
Paper Caper
Party's Over
Personal Touch
Prisoner of Time
Racing to Love
Rah Rah Girl
Ransom of Mercy Carter
Rear View Mirror
Return of the Vampire (now Evil Returns)
Safe as the Grave
Saturday Night
Saying Yes
Stage Set for Love
Summer Nights
Suntanned Days
They Never Came Back
Three Black Swans
Trying Out
Tune In Anytime
Twenty Pageants Later
Vampire's Promise (now Fatal Bargain)
Voice on the Radio
What Child is This?
What Janie Found
What Janie Saw
Whatever Happened to Janie?
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