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Tune In Anytime
Laurel Leaf, 2001
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Tune In Anytime
Intrigue. Suspense. Romance. Evil schemers, innocent victims, and true love. Is it a TV soap opera? Not exactly. It’s what’s happening to 16-year-old Sophie Olivette when her father announces he wants out of his marriage and has found a new true love. And where is Sophie’s mother? She is seeking “inner harmony,” and doesn’t seem to notice that the family is falling apart. As for Sophie’s older sister, her anger adds drama, but doesn’t help. Only her classmate Ted seems a solid, reasonable, and even good-looking person in the midst of the mess around her. How do you fast forward to the final episode—and can it possibly end happily ever after?
“An engaging read that is sure to be swept off the shelves.”
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